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Stormy weather...

There's still lightning outside, quite a lot of it.  Radar's not showing as much "stuff" as we're getting, which isn't unusual as radar's often off by up to 5 miles where we are.    We had a big line of thunderstorms go through earlier--hail, high winds, heavy rain, lightning, thunder--and it settled down for awhile but now seems to be building again.  At the start of that one, I crawled under the desk and unplugged things...then when it seemed to be letting up, and I put the TV on again to check their radar info, it seemed like things were going to be all serene.

Ha.   Wasn't thirty minutes before I heard thunder again, and it's wandered our way good and loud (and bright. When you see what looks like a gigantic blue-white ball in the sky, semi-outlining bubbly-looking clouds...there's stuff that should be showing up on radar, whether it is or not.)

My ceiling is not dripping at the moment (yay!) and the power is, obvously, still on.   And so far the plumbing still works.  (We're on a septic system.   If we get too much rain too fast...things can become inconvenient.)  

Tomorrow morning, I'm first on my farrier's list to work on the horses.  The local weather forecasters are saying there might be a final line of storms moving through "about rush hour."  You can hear the hollow laugh from wherever you are, I'll bet.   Want to consider the fun that may occur when he's trying to trim horses in a lowish all-metal barn in a hailstorm?   It's loud enough in a hard rain.   I'm wondering if I should stuff their ears with cotton (what they do with race-horses) or if that will make them even more skittish. 

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