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Windy, windy, windy

We have had windy weather off and on all week, first northwest winds, then southwest, then southeast, and now it's back to northwest.  These aren't little breezes with a few gusts...these are sustained high winds with higher gusts, winds that toss the trees' canopies around, even the trees with no leaves.  (Large live oaks in exposed areas are "bouncing" all over the canopy.)   It's wind that yanks car doors out of your hand (and at the right angle can damage the hinges), blows off hats, deftly removes papers from a tote and sends them far away, etc. 

Today we have it with a bright blue sky and brilliant sun and low humidity (in other words, more fire danger weather) and tonight it's supposed to give us a hard freeze...the wind's expected to drop after dark...and then it'll back around and blow the other way tomorrow. 

We could use a little less.   We had perhaps a tenth or two tenths of an inch of rain last night, and this kind of wind quickly undoes any good the rain did, drying it all off.

I drove into Georgetown to turn in a report at the appraisal district, buy some big envelopes (needed one for the report) and then stopped at a nursery to pick up some parsley plants...but I'm not setting them out today.  Several times a gust moved the car over six inches...if I'm gong to fly, I prefer to be in something designed for it.
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