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Good news, again

My friend with the heart transplant had had a setback about a week ago--right after I posted that things were looking really good, she had to be re-intubated because of inadequate oxygenation.  We were all really scared again, of course.

But now she's tube-free again, has moved up to the next level of recovery and is expected to leave the hospital in a couple more weeks.  She's been out of bed, walking a little, and her daughter reports that her color is good and her hands are warm (this is very different from before transplant.)  Word is she wants to hasten recovery so she can go scuba-diving this summer...that sounds about right for her.  Next thing you know she'll go back to riding, fencing, and for all I know take up marathon running.  A lot of years spent having to deal with a faulty heart that just couldn't pump right...

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