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Excavations !!

Two more sacks went out (these are 50 pound horsefeed sacks, because they'll hold heavy things, like magazines, journals, notebooks, without tearing.  It's a way of recycling horsefeed sacks, too...)

It is now possible to reach one of the closet doors.  For the weekend goal, I'm torn between accessing both closet doors (which would make it easier to put wearable clothes away and remove from the closet nonwearable clothes so they can be thrown/given away depending on their condition) or clearing from the lefthand closet door up the other side of the bed, which would allow an easier attack on the piles on the window seat.  I really used to like sitting there reading...And under it is storage I haven't been able to get to for years. 

Meanwhile, I need to do laundry, make bread, and refill the thistle socks in the back yard.  And I should pull some meat out of the freezer for tonight and tomorrow.

Tags: country life, housekeeping

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