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Last night's soiree

Last night was the BookPeople event in Austin, and tons of people came (not just from the Austin area--from Dallas, Houston, Elmendorf, Corpus Christi) and we all had a great time.  Well, I had a great time and they  seemed to be happy, too.  Big change from the book tour, where weather really had a downer effect on attendance.

Among the surprises I *really* didn't expect--our son's first camp counselor from the special needs camp he attended for several years (before moving on to our church's regular camp.)    She is a charming young woman now (she was a teenager then) and I only wish our son could've been there (but he was working, which is also very good.)

After the reading and book-signing was over, a bunch of us went over to Waterloo Icehouse and ate and talked and talked and ate and so on until later than I should've started home but it was Too Much Fun.  Especially Rachel's brownies. 

Then the day before I got very good news on first week sales, so that made it even bouncier.  Today I have an afternoon event at a place I've never been, so I should be prepping for that even as I sit here writing...

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