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Writing Scutwork

Today has been a day of writing scutwork.   The work-in-progress will continue on from the end of The Deed of Paksenarrion,  but with a different protagonist, someone who was not a POV character (well, only once I think) in the earlier story.   This is fine and dandy, except that I wrote that over 20 years ago, and do not remember every detail.  Like, um, the first and last names of all the characters who will reappear in this book, what their ranks were, where they live, what they do,  etc.   And that book was originally started on a typewriter, then converted to computer files on 5 1/4 inch floppies...in WordStar.   None of it's in Word, and none of it's on this computer.  (I have 3.5 inch WordStar floppies of it *somewhere* but I haven't located them yet.  I do have an external floppy-drive reader, if I ever find them.)  

Some of it had come back to me easily, from a quick re-read of the last third of Paks.  But I reached a point where I needed to get serious about the name file, so today I made myself go through the relevant sections bit by bit, adding the names into the name file, and then moving them into Word's dictionary so it will quit telling me I misspelled them, but will catch it when I do misspell them.  Reminded myself who's dead (and thus will not turn up but might be referred to) and who's alive (and thus might show up in the story.)  

This is BORING.  It takes a long time and it's not first-drafting, which is what I enjoy doing.  I'm not finished, but, for the moment, I'm done.  Whoosh

Yesterday it was in the mid-upper 70s at this time of day, and blowing gustily from the south.  Today we're in the 40s, expecting a freeze tonight.   It's been warm for a week; I'm cold.

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