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And sometimes, it just doesn't work...

Between the cloudy weather and the dense forest and the little camera's limitations (and let's not mention the photographer's lack of expertise with this equipment), out of many many pictures shot at the wildlife preserve yesterday, none came out really good, and only a handful are more than streaks and blurs. 

A good camera really spoils you.  In sudden situations (the bird appears in front of me) I  react as I would with the other camera...and with this one, that's the wrong way to do it.

However, my friend Jen took  some gorgeous shots which she's agreed to share later.  The sanctuary is stunning--a narrow valley of native temperate rainforest, now being cleared of non-native plants, already partly cleared of non-native mammals (with a special fence and a trapping program).  Native birds are now reproducing there, and the variety of plants--especially ferns--is just plain stunning.

Tags: photography, travel, wildlife

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