e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Last (real) day of trip

Last "real" day because tomorrow will be spent mostly in New Zealand but in airports.  That's not a real day, in terms of enjoyment.

Today is gorgeous.  Yesterday, a day of bus travel, was stormy.  I refrained from admitting to my fellow passengers that my other two days on a bus had been stormy (on travel buses, not tour buses.)   It started raining just before the bus picked us up, and continued off and on, sometimes in torrents and sometimes with a strong wind, through the day.   The scenery was spectacular, as usual.  This was a new route for Newman's (the bus company I was on) and the schedule changed yesterday, which made it interesting for the drivers as well as the passengers. This bus replaces the old "express" bus between Queenstown and Christchurch, maybe just for the winter (not sure.)   When it wasn't raining, we had gorgeous views of hills, mountains, streams, rivers, lakes, every variety of landscape you could wish for including a couple of near-flat plains with mountains on the edges.  Finally saw a paddock really full of rabbits (where are the beagles???  And for that matter, some good red-tailed hawks?  I saw hawks now and then, but not enough to deal with all those bunnies.)

Between the swift-moving (and heavily vibrating) bus, and the weather, I didn't get pictures--took only a few and they weren't much (any) good.

Today is "organize and pack" day, but I'm going out shortly for a nice walk around and to mail off a box of books.  I don't have enough room in my luggage (even augmented by the daypack) for all these books.  And yet I want all these books.  Some for research, some as presents for people back home, some to re-read for my own enjoyment.   I just don't want to have to lug them, not even as far as the airport check-in (and the customs thing, where you have to load your own bags up to be looked at.  Ick.) 

There's bound to be a FedEx in town *somewhere*. 

Tomorrow it's onto a morning flight up to Auckland, followed by an afternoon/evening flight toward home.

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