e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Home and (somewhat) awake

Finally got home around midnight Thursday night, slept late the next day, walked out on the land, stayed up too late Friday night trying to catch up with email, newsgroups, etc., and slept late yesterday.  Was determined to stay up, no naps, on Saturday so I could sleep at the right time and wake up ready for church.  Did not work.  First I had a headache, then a stomachache, so though I went to bed on time, I couldn't sleep until around 3 am, and then was NOT ready to leap from bed at 6.

However...the land is gorgeous and here are a few proofs of it:

   Blue-eyed grass is a small iris-family plant that blooms profusely for a week or so in spring. The flowers range from deep blue-purple to lavender-blue.

   I was up on the deck of Owl Pavilion when I spotted this Olive Juniper Hairstreak laying eggs on, not surprisingly, juniper.  I see them far more often on flowers, especially wild plum, but after a feast of plum flower nectar, they start laying eggs.   I like the green-and-copper coloration, sparked with the white streaks and dots.
Tags: butterflies, flowers, photography

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