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80 acres: some small beauties

Today was a lovely, clear, cool day, and I went out with the camera for several hours in late afternoon.   The blue-eyed grass and a small yellow Compositae were flowering in waves in the dry woods swale.

   This is the shallow hollow between the dry woods and the first terrace berm.   In wet weather, it's full of very clear water that rises from below, from water that's flowed through the rocks of the dry woods hump.    This is the first year we've had so many blue-eyed grass right in there...and it's lovely with the yellow mixed in.

Late in the afternoon/early evening, I spotted a white-lined sphinx moth nectaring at pink evening primrose (which we have a lot of this year.)    Last year I photographed a white-lined sphinx caterpillar munching away on a primrose flower, so it was great to get a picture of the adult nectaring there.  I hope your monitor shows the pink color on the hindwing and the pink markings on the abdomen better than my laptop monitor does.

Tags: photography, wildflowers, wildlife

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