e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Busy morning

Not just starting a blog here, but also doing a 1200 word synopsis of the book I'm finishing (if I could compress novels into 1200 words easily, I would write short stories!!), looking at the proposed cover art (wow!  I guess it was worth the time taken to write up something for the artist), and making a stab at the current chapter.  

You really don't want to get Aunt Grace annoyed with you, Maxim.  (Who is Maxim?  Someone promoted beyond his capacity and refusing to recognize it.  Though I may change his name to Peter, as he exemplifies the Peter Principle.  But that would require changing his last name from Termanian...I dunno.  Something like...(thumbs through list of existing names, looks for letters and lengths that will be distinctive....)  Well, nothing's showing up yet, and there's another character named Peter...

Meanwhile it's a gorgeous day and I've worked this morning...if I count the 1200 words for the editor's synopsis, can I sneak away into the woods with the camera?   Oh, yeah...but then I still need to Deal with Maxim or whatever his name is.

The music's changed to something more sedate than Smetana.  Baroque-ish.  There's a harpsichord in there and a lot of structure, which normally I like, but I want to get out of the house.  Still, I should upload a few userpics to play with.   (No, sweet pea, you should put another thousand words on the chapter....  But MOM, I can do that LATER....You were going to fencing tonight, remember?   And you come back from fencing wiped out, right?    Grump.  You're no fun.   It's not my job to be fun, it's my job to get your book written.   Oh, all right.  But if I don't see the teal today, it's your fault.  Oddly enough, I can live with that.   I'm not sure I can.  Two hours, then.  And think about the book while you're out there.  You still haven't figured out what Teddy's going to do once he gets where he's going.)   

Just in case any of you thought writers just "churned it out" effortlessly.

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