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I have a rule.   When knives go into the dishwater, they're to be washed immediately, removed immediately (ideally without letting go of them), dried immediately, and put away in the knife drawer immediately.   It's a safety thing--sharp objects under the suds can bite you without warning.  So can knives and other pointy things left in the dish drainer. 

So...today I broke my own rule.  Put the cleaver I'd been chopping nuts and cranberries with into the sink, and did not take it out before putting the hot water and soap in.  Forgot it was in there, in fact (I was upset about something.)  Reached around under the suds for the scrubber, and...it bit me.

If safety isn't first, an injury will be.  It's not bad, but it's annoying to get "bitten" the first time in years I've broken that rule.

Tags: injuries, safety
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