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Image problems

Although the image in question (of a candy-striped leafhopper) has emailed just fine to a few friends,  I can't get LJ to accept it into my scrapbook.   It successfully displays an image of it on the page where you're supposed to give pictures a title and any tags, but not the thumbnail which means it's been put into the scrapbook.  I don't k now why.  It's a .jpg of just over 50Kb (not that big, in other words) and not markedly different in size from others I've successfully loaded before.  This happened one other time, and after I finally (!!) got a response from the LJ admins, who said the picture should have loaded, it loaded. 

This is yet another reason to be annoyed with LiveJournal's administrative staff.  There is no stated limit that I found on how many pictures  you can have in your ScrapBook, or any gallery within it (mine's organized by taxa, very roughly), and yet suddenly a picture of a small insect can't be uploaded. 

You'd have enjoyed it--it's a very cute little critter--but it's not working.  And there's no guidance on what to do if that happens.  (And no, I do NOT want to upload to an offsite photo service like Flickr....for those who don't know about it, Congress is considering, right now, basically destroying copyright protection for all content creators, so that anyone who wants to use any image or written work of yours they can find, anywhere, is free to consider it "orphaned" and theirs to grab and make money from.)

Tags: copyright infringement, lj problems, photography
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