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Small beauties

After considerable work, I was finally able to get this image to upload correctly.   On Monday afternoon, in the creek woods, I was looking at a small butterfly when something moved on a buttonbush stem nearby...and it was this charming little creature, a Candy-striped Leafhopper, Graphocephala coccinea.  

Its face is yellow (there's a hint of lime green on top that doesn't show here) and rather fishlike or froglike, even to the dark stripe across the eyes; the wing covers really are that bright and unbelievable.  The other leafhoppers I've seen around here have been plain brown or green...I had seen this one in a field guide but didn't expect to find it in real life.   It's maybe a centimeter in length...tiny.  But beautiful.

The problem in uploading the image appears to have been specific to generating a thumbnail at LJ, and related to (possibly, not sure yet) a problem with copying the image onto a thumb drive for transfer between my two computers (one is not connected to the internet; one is.)   The images looked OK when retrieved from the thumb drive full size, and even (in two cases) produced thumbnails when checked with a directory-thumbnail display.   Two different thumb drives (same mfg, different sticks) produced images that appeared to be OK, and emailed OK to most people, but on close examination by a friend with more software than I have, showed a band of 17 pixels as "corrupt."  When I switched to a different brand, the problem disappeared. 

It would've been nice if LJ had been able to say "image corrupted enough to screw up thumbnail generation even though the full size looks good, but I'll be wary of these two thumb drives.
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