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Beauty and the Beast

Today I finally found one of the "mystery plants" in bloom.  I had suspected it was in the milkweed family, but its leaves are very different from other milkweeds and milkvines in the area.  It's wavy-leaf milkweed vine, Funastrum crispum.  Though it's listed as a vine, I see it mostly as a short forb that develops twining tendencies only as it comes into flower. 


The inside of the outer part is a soft brown in our plants, but in the images at the wildflower research center, a rich maroon.  The flower parts in the center are pale shell pink.

The beast today is a new leaf-footed bug--thousands of them were all over the "grass yucca" (my name for it, not the right one) in the west grass.   This is the eastern leaf-footed bug, Leptoglossus phyllopus, with its neat white "belt."  The individual bugs are ugly enough, but there were masses of them--piled three deep in places--among the yucca flowers--and that was definitely ugly.

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