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About Books: first critical interpolation

If you accept that Story has the essentials in the last post, then one way to judge a work of fiction is by its adherence (or non-) to the classical elements.

Did the main character(s) interest you, pull you in, and contain enough complexity for the plot (flaws and talents, all of which are shown as operational in the plot)?  

Did the main character face a problem of appropriate seriousness/difficulty  for that story, and grapple with it himself/herself? 

Did actions have logical consequences?

Did the plot sequence correctly (causes before consequences)?

Was the final outcome satisfying, in the sense of completion/justice/congruence with character? 

There are other ways to judge fiction, but since Story is part of fiction, a consideration of how well the Story worked should be part of any critical discussion.  Use of language, "sensawonder" ideas, and other considerations should not replace recognition of Story's central position in fiction.
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