e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Question about game-cams/trail-cams

Thanks to a generous friend, who loaned me her Moultrie I-60 game-cam, I've been learning how these things work, and thinking about what I want in one or more such cameras for our wildlife management project.

So far the greatest problem I've run into is that the SD memory card in this camera, which is a 4Gb card, will not register in the multi-card reader I have, and glitches my computer (running XP-home edition).   I want a digital camera and I would prefer one that lets me swap cards out in the field, so I don't have to lug the camera back and
forth (it would be on foot, in my backpack, and in addition to the other stuff I carry in the field, it's...an extra weight I'd rather not carry twice a day.)

So, from the groupmind here, does anyone know whether it's the size of the card (4 Gb as compared to, say, 2 Gb, which I use in my regular cameras) and if so, is it a l imitation of my multi-card reader or XP?   Or the fact that it's set up for that camera?   I was able to format it in the camera, from the computer, using the USB cable,  but that would mean bringing the camera in...not as convenient.  I  would think that if I can format the 4Gb card while it's in the camera, it's not XP, or the bus capacity of the USB cable...but...???  My multi-card reader is a mediaGear, and works well with the different sizes of cards I have for the different cameras.  I could, however, get a high-capacity one for this kind of card (also what I use in one of the cameras) if that's necessary.

Tags: photography
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