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The game-cam registers date, time, temperature, and phase of the moon.   It was 2:03 am, 64 degrees F, and a waxing newish moon when the game-cam took this shot of the lily pond and a critter:

This is the lower end of the water garden in the house yards--there's a stream section with little pools, some planted, a stream section running over bare rubber liner, and the lily pond, which is 20x40 and half-choked with iris an pickerelweed, with lilies in this end.  It's amphibian heaven--lots of frogs and toads and tadpoles-and apparently also a wonderful cat toy, as the game cam showed the neighbor's cat pacing, trotting, jumping back and forth on the paved edge of the pool..  One of the video segments from last night showed two raccoons pacing along and heading for the upper stream sections.

The weird loop-thing in the foreground is a dragonfly perch, part of which rotted off last year.  The dragonflies don't care.

Tags: photography, wildlife management
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