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80 acres: Nightlife

A friend lent me her game-cam, which uses an infrared flash to take pictures at night.   Because of last week's storms, I hadn't used it for awhile (and before that, was checking out what comes to the lily pond near the house.)  Saturday, with no storms imminent, I took it out to Fox Pavilion and set it up.  We also put out some scraps of lamb fat from the shoulder of lamb we'd cooked earlier.


This is a gray fox, Urocyon cinereoargenteus, as is obvious from the black-tipped tail.   Gray foxes are good tree-climbers, excellent mousers and grasshopper-grabbers, and one of my favorite critters.  Unfortunately, they're very susceptible to feline distemper (which we're fairly sure is what wiped out the fox family for which Fox Pavilion is named.)    I'm always glad to see fox sign (or the fox itself!) on our place.
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