e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Prince Caspian, the movie

My essentials for a good movie include at least two of these three: galloping horses,  swordfights, and beautiful scenery.   Characters I can cheer for and boo-hiss at, and a good story are bonuses. 

Prince Caspian had plenty of galloping horses, swordfights, and scenery, plus some attractive (in the character sense) heroes  and a real boo-hisser of a chief villain (who could act, and wore neat costumes too)  with some nicely hissable minion-villains.   So I liked it a lot.   There are deviations (both additions and subtractions) from the original book, some of which worked better than others (as always in movie adaptations) but on the whole found it a good way to spend a hot, muggy afternoon.   Might even go see it again.

A private delight: I  had seen some of the costumes, weapons, etc. at Weta Workshop during my visit and was glad to know that my visual memory was good enough to pick them out instantly.

Tags: movies

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