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Denizens of the Deep

Well, OK, the deep isn't very, and this particular denizen spends time at the surface--but when it dives, it can stay down for hours.

This is a backswimmer, one of the true bugs (sucking mouthparts--see that beak at the front end?) in the genus Notonecta, most likely.   Backswimmers swim upside down, on their backs (duh!)


The ones in our pond have pretty jade-green spots along the side and at the tip of the abdomen.  I have no idea what they look like on the topside, since I only ever see them swimming upside down.    The Mars-like surface behind this backswimmer is an old clay pot, broken, that's on the shelf of the pond about 8 inches under water.
Tags: insects, photography, willdlife

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