e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

More images in the scrapbook

I've uploaded more images into the galleries; some now have multiple pages, and the thumbnail views may not show all (or in one case even part) of the subject (the Northern Harrier is not centered in the frame, and thus you see a background blur.)

About half the bird species I've photographed on our place are now up, but there are more to come, of course.  It's just the time it takes to upload and label them.  For some (not yet all) the tags indicate whether the bird is a year-round resident, migrant, winter resident only, summer resident only, and breeding. 

In all galleries the emphasis is on native wildlife and plant life--though I could not resist putting some garden flowers into the flower section, these are clearly tagged as "garden".   I may eventually create a gallery specifically for cultivated-only plants (even those that naturalize) but right now all flowers are in "flowers."

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