e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

80 acres: Small beauties

Today's small beauty (the one I caught in the camera with a working SD card, anyway) was this rather plain looking butterfly...a Goatweed Butterfly, whose wings are plain below, but oddly angled, and orange on top.  This one is worn, as the softening of the angle-wing and the tattered margin of the forewing show.


Nonetheless, in the closeup, full-size, it's an exquisite little object, the color showing faintly through from the dorsal surface of the wings, every vein distinct, the antennae tipped with fire-orange.  It's not as showy as some of the others, but the surprise of the top-color when it flies is a delight.

Like all but the strongest fliers, it preferred to perch today, in the hot dry wind that was blowing.   The only ones I saw in the open were giant swallowtails (very few) and one or two late monarchs.  All the weaker fliers were in the lee of the house, in or near trees and shrubbery.  I saw a question-mark, but couldn't get it to perch in the open where I could photograph it. 

Tags: butterflies, photography

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