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80 acres: Two new species IDs

One of the native grasses we haven't been able to ID now has a probable, thanks to another landowner's help: Sporobolus compositus var. drummondii ,  certainly identified on his land, looks--in the photos he sent me--like one of our "mystery grasses."  It's now the dominant grass in The Bowl, the area that was, originally bare ground under broomweed.  Sedges moved in first, then the grass, which is now the overstory over the sedges.  (This is a seepy area whenever we get rain.)   We had not been able to ID it because we haven't found it in flower.

A bug photographed two years ago on prickly pear--whose image I'd misplaced and so did not get to BugGuide for ID until this week--turned out to be another leaf-footed bug, this time in the genus Narnia.  There's something truly weird about having a cactus bug named Narnia-something.


To my knowledge, it's not a Talking bug.
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