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80 acres: Nightlife

In this intense heat and dryness, more wildlife is using the guzzlers more often...and with the addition of a little bait (chicken bones and skin from the big pot of chicken soup I made yesterday) the critters showed up for the camera.
This deer didn't care about the chicken bones, but definitely wanted the water (in the black tubs.)   As it's early in the hot season and there's still some green browse available, the deer looks to be in good condition.

The gray fox and the raccoon both wanted the chicken bones...unfortunately, the game-cam doesn't capture the sound effects.  I imagine some growling and snarling went on.  Fox had been there before (seen in a video clip) with the 'coon lurking under the cedar tree...but now the 'coon's in possession--or nearly so. 

These shots are cropped from the full-size images.

Tags: photography, wildlife

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