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It's a fake...warning for writers

SFWA is not running a writing contest.  SFWA isn't going to run a writing contest.  The contest described on Craigslist and FLiXER is a fake, a scam, intended to bring in money for the person who posted it.


If you've heard of this contest, were thinking of entering, or *have* entered...go read the WriterBeware blog entry on it at the above URL.  It's a fraud, a scam, a total 100% lie. 

You'd think such scams would be obvious even to the most eager not-yet-published writer, but they're not--wishful thinking can obscure the warning signs.   I was taken  in by a poetry contest while in high school--used up my allowance for a month for the entry fee without telling my mother, but she caught on when they wanted an incredibly high price for a copy of the book my poem was in.  

While SFWA tries to track down and deal with the person who perpetrated this scam, don't any of you fall for it.

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