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80 acres: something new every day

I went out today and found two new (to me) insects on the place.  One is this stink-bug nymph:


I don't know what kind it is yet, but the common stink-bug nymph that I'm pretty familiar with is a lovely green (from sucking the juice of plants, no doubt.)  This little fellow could scuttle along pretty rapidly over the leaf litter
at the edge of the creek woods.

In the Texas Bluebells in the main grass (not bluebells at all, but gentians, Eustoma grandiflorum), I found a lot of tiny metallic-green beetles zipping about actively, and a green lynx spider who thought they were delicious.  This is not a picture of the spider and beetle hostilities, though--this is a beetle who's been rollicking in pollen, just climbing out of one flower and about to descend into another.


It was good to get back out in the field today.
Tags: insect, photography, willdlife

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