e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

80 acres: Yet more Bluebells

Some of the images I upload to LJ look paler (esp. blues and purples) than they do on the same screen before upload.  This is...just a wee tad annoying.  However, here are some more bluebell pictures from this morning.  Across the (now dry) creek, there are hundreds of the plants, some in clusters and some singly. 


Left: this is an area where clearance of Ashe juniper's in progress--Maximilian sunflower has invaded the non-native King Ranch Bluestem (that's the most obvious foliage) and the Eustoma grandiflorum is growing in between the clumps of sunflower.  Because the sunflower's stunted by drought this year, the bluebells really show.   The plants in this area are mostly about knee-high; each flower is over 2 inches or more across.  This is part of the prairie restoration project on the far side of the creek.  The dead stalks sticking up are last year's flower stalks for the Maximilian sunflower.

Right: this is how the flowers cluster on the top of the plant; these were actually a darker purple (on my screen anyway, and in real life as well.)   The leaves are a soft blue-green. 
Tags: photography, wildflowers

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