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O Brain, Where Wert Thou?

If you put the thing that takes longest to dry in the last wash, and then forget when that wash is over, so it goes out on the line *after* the main heat of the day....

Yeah, it's 7:43 and the mattress pad isn't dry yet.  Mostly.  But not completely.  It's one of those newfangled ones with an elasticized skirt thing all round, so it doesn't lie out flat on the line.  I really dislike fitted sheets and mattress pads that have the all-around elastic.

I know better.  Pillows first, then mattress pad, *then* sheets and the rest of it.  It was well over 100 today with a good (for some definitions of good) drying wind, so it could all have been dry by 5 pm if  the party of the first part hadn't been distracted into other things.

Tags: chores, weather

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