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With sword in hand: practice

The afternoon did not start well, as I had forgotten to allow extra time for "afternoon before holiday weekend" traffic.  That put me a few minutes late picking up Michael from work, and then a minimal rain shower in Round Rock backed up traffic as people tried to remember where their windshield wiper controls were (that's my guess).  I watched rain hit the road and evaporate instantly...it had rained a tiny bit more farther one, but not enough to do plants any good.  And none up here. 

Then we hit another traffic jam closer in to Austin, and another one on a side road that I took to get away from the main one, plus every light was red.   Dropped M- off at the ice rink, picked up some chicken for supper at DRW's and headed there (but a good thirty minutes later than usual.)   It was hot (no surprise) and dry (no surprise) and fewer people came than usual (not really a surprise.)  Except that I was planning to do a tech transfer with someone I'd borrowed a camera from, and we ended up luring her and her son into picking up swords.  (It didn't take much to lure her son...and they both enjoyed it.)

Due to the heat and the few participants,  there was perhaps more time spent panting in the shade than usual.  I had a good bout with Jim and another with DRW, and then did a little drill with the newbies, who learn far faster than I ever did.   Of course, they're not over fifty, as I was when I started...some things are more easily learned earlier.  And now I'm older still.   A faint shadow (a large, but faint shadow) of my former self, in the athletic department.   However, compared to the first practice after recovering from the back-to-back bronchitis bouts, I definitely have picked up some endurance, and the legs are also doing better. 

D-M-, who shows up only sometimes, questioned my need for the big new sword that I hope will be here next week...he's a very elegant rapier fencer and considers longswords "too brutal."  I pointed out the research component of this.  I have a reputation for sweet harmlessness to protect.    (Remember what I said, you in the corner...with some people I have a reputation for sweet harmlessness and I want to keep it that way. )

By the time I got home, I'd stiffened up again--a sign of doing enough.  This morning only a few things were complaining and that only moderately--a sign of not doing too much.  The stupid knee had argued last night, but this morning had given up the fight.  

However, I should spend time this weekend on the blades.  Both could use a good sandpapering and the rapier may need a touch of the rattail file again. 
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