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WIP: snippet

This has been an eventful week, writing-wise.   Some writing is technically difficult (you're trying to accomplish something in a particular way for a particular purpose and it requires a well-equipped writer-toolbox) and some writing is psychologically and/or creatively difficult (for example, you're trying to get into the head of a character, or a culture, that means doing something different inside your own head.)

Here's a snippet from a few days ago; there's a lot more after this but I'm not ready to share it yet.  And first-draft snippets may look different in the final book.


When the Seneschal pulled the door open, Kieri expected the smell of bone, but instead the air had the freshness of spring outdoors.  Instead of dusty old bones, all in shades of cream to yellow from their time in the earth, the bones were brilliantly colored.  Kieri stared.  Human bones didn't come those colors--colors as bright as fresh-dyed yarn, scarlet, green, blue, yellow.  Here and there light glinted from other things--from curves of metal, copper and bronze and gold and silver, from jewels set in the metal or laid on the stones.  And on every skeleton, fresh green leaves: one between the teeth, one across each eye-hole, one on either side of the skull, where ears might have been.


For those familiar with the Paksenarrion fantasy world, this is indeed Kieri Phelan, in Lyonya, after Oath of Gold, but before his coronation.   This book is throwing surprises at me, which is always a good sign.

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