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80 acres: small beauties

Despite the drought and heat, dragonflies are still flying...today I saw the gold-yellow gliders zipping around over my head (not holding still to be photographed!!), a big green Giant Pondhawk in the dry woods, and a Neon Skimmer male and a Roseate Skimmer male skirmishing over who got the highest perch near Owl Water.  The pondhawks perch low, on the ground or within 18 inches of it; the two skimmers prefer to be up several feet, on vertical or inclined perches.



In addition, I had two unknowns to submit to BugGuide.net, a fly (now tentatively IDed as being in the genus Hermetia--it looks a lot like a picture under that genus in BugGuide called a Black Soldier Fly) that landed on a water lily pad to drink, and a raft of tiny aquatic insects that I think could be bug nymphs, apparently feeding on something in the water.


Aside from that, it was hot, dry, and windy, and I collected the game-cam memory cards to check back at the house (raccoons, roadrunner, doves, small songbirds, and possible ringtail.)

     I believe this is the young raccoon, and its mother is off to the right--only the tail is visible.  I need to reposition the game-cam at Owl just a little--but not until it gets back down below 100F.
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