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Elizabeth Moon's Musings from the Back of Beyond

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Writer, biologist, photographer, wife & mother. This journal may touch on any of the above, or anything else that comes along. I've shifted most of my posting on nature & wildlife to a separate website and blog: http://www.80acresonline.org and http://www.80acresonline.org/blog/, though a lot of images are stored in my Scrapbook here, divided into taxa--birds, herps, leps, etc. (Since the change in Scrapbook, the "title pictures" for galleries don't show up.) Those particularly interested in the Paks-world books might want to check out the website and blog for those at http://www.paksworld.com and http://www.paksworld.com/blog/. General web page, listed below, has list of all the books & stories, and some other more general stuff.

If you find something in my journal that you'd like to share with others, please share the link, or--if for some reason you can't do that--have the courtesy to give the correct attribution--my posts are copyrighted, and while I don't mind them being shared, I want my name attached.

About friending: as a relative newcomer to LJ, it took me awhile to realize that I should probably explain here (and not in periodic posts) why I don't friend everyone who friends me. It's known at the Great Online Time Sink problem...I already have multiple online places to keep up with (nature listservs, science listservs, webcams (birdcams, foaling cams), various sites, plus my daily deluge of email to work through.) The line must fall somewhere; I've set myself a limit. This also means that the list may change, not from pique but from time constraints. It's a lot easier not to read something that isn't there.

About comments: Visitors and comments are welcome, but trolls aren't. If you post as "anonymous" without other identification, demand that someone provide you proof of their statements, play "gotcha," or otherwise waste our time, you will be considered a troll, and your comments may be deleted. This is not a platform for trolls to hold forth and lecture me or anyone else. (If it's a platform at all, it's mine, paid for with my own money. Go find your own soapbox.)

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