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"Coffee with the Author" podcast from April 16

Here's the link to the interview with Jennifer Stayton of KUT...we had fun.  I wish I hadn't started with a frog in my throat, but at least it wasn't a BIG frog and I didn't start coughing uncontrollably.


It was a fun situation all around and I was glad to see the people who were able to come.   I wish the weather hadn't been threatening so we could sit outside, but everything else was perfect.
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Reminder: Thursday in Austin

Coffee with the Author, this Thursday at 11:30 am,  on the the terrace (if not raining, snowing, sleeting, hailing....) or inside St. David's Episcopal Church in downtown Austin.  Free parking in the St. David's garage (enter off Trinity between 7th and 8th streets; sign in at the main desk for a parking voucher.  It's a 30 minute interview/chat with KUT's Jennifer Stayton.

I will be bringing along the proof copy of Deeds of Honor to show and tell about--the print-on-demand paperback soon to be available of my latest short-fiction collection.  It came out as an indie-published e-Book in December 2014.   And if given a chance, I'll talk about my sock theory of storytelling.  (You knew I'd drag knitting into it!)  If you want, you can see where I sing on Sundays (it's got really lovely stained glass and the floor creaks.)

This should be fun--so come if you can.  I'm excited. 
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Interview at Suvudu.com

Want to see me in the Big City?   Well, inside a house and an office in the Big City, at least...

While in New York, I had a chance to do a video interview for Suvudu.com (no, it doesn't mean anyway--they wanted a unique word), and you can see that and my editor's comments right here.   It's the first time I've done something quite like that, and it turned out to be fun, though the camera was so tiny, balanced on the tripod, that I kept not seeing it.  

I should've posted about this when I got home Sunday night (it went up Sunday) but I was simply too tired to think of it.